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This is a very nice and sexy picture and falls under my thyme of trying not to show any protruding dicks



I own the same pair but green!


Close up~HO77

Yummy, yummy, I want that cum in my tummy!!! I can’t wait to drain my sweet sissy dry and fill his sissy pussy with my cum this weekend!!! L&MYSMMHB

You are very sexy…


Cheeky bum shot!

I LOVE wearing sheer panties!!! I only own sheer and satin panties and most are pink with frilly lace and bows. I love them!

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his pretty panties

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I, born the aggressor, a male, fit and determined, but not a day goes by that I don't wish I was the prettiest little thing to be diapered or put in pretty panties and lace dress. I yearn to be pampered , babied, cuddled and fed sweet warm milk and nap in soft warm blankets till the sun rises warm and sweet, then to play amongst the sweet fruits of this beautiful Earth.


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